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Backing up (&restore!) your files in Mac OS to WD

January 31, 2015

If you have your own storage like Western Digital My Cloud, you can automatically backup your Mac’s!

Nice feature of course. First make sure that your WD NAS storage has Backup/Restore enable and configured:

Step by Step

Access your WD NAS from the web interface, usually as easy as typing the IP address of your NAS in the browser, login and access the home page.

01.wd.settingsClick on Settings and the next screen will open.

02.wd.backupsettingsClick on the tab Mac Backups to open it

  • 03.wd.setbackupsettingsEnable Time Machine Backup
  • Select a Share (TimeMachine is created by default)
  • Define the Maximun size, usage, of your backups
  • Voila!

Then you have to setup your Mac’s to backup & restore. very easy with Time Machine. Follow this instructions to enable Time Machine and connect to your WD NAS.



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