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Application Mania Objective and Scope

What do you use more? How do you use it? I will try to put here my comments on the uses (“business needs”) I do more in my non-professional time (and sometimes also that) and which applications I found or I was recommended helped me more on getting the task done.
These comments (and some rants) will be more about desktop applications (85% Windows, 15% Linux, maybe with more time I will increase the percentage on Linux), but today you are mobile. My most critical need is how to have a seamless data experience between desktop and mobile. Read this way: I want to have only one list of contacts, not one in each device. The mobile experience will be Android (ok, add 10% to the Linux equation so). Sorry no iPhone…
In another category I’m putting a lot of tasks into services that you can access on the Web. Translate into the product marketing yada-yada [rant!] “Cloud Applications”.
Some other comments could be more technical hobby-style: how to setup your network, controlling access, installing a new OS, deploying your own storage, maintaining all the stuff together, and not trying to consume all your time doing that!

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